Friday, September 16, 2005

Interzone Radio Playlist, September 13

1. “Sensei & Foxy (Epiloga),” Recycler, Iboga (Nation)
2. “Wadih,” Soap Kills, Cheftak (Soap Kills)
3. “Taarif Karun Kya Uski,” Mohammed Rafi, The Rough Guide To Bollywood Legends: Mohammed Rafi (World Music Network)
4. “Match Bettikh,” Gnawa Diffusion, Souk System (D'Jamaz)
5. “Old Joe Clark,” Wu Man, Wu Man And Friends (Traditional Crossroads/IODA)
6. “Ghazal-morphillia,” Gayan Uttejak Orchestra, A Brief History (Suns of Arqa)
7. “The Circle Of The Lustful,” Mediaeval Baebes, The Rose (Nettwork)
8. “u.r.a.can.mp3” (mashup of MIA’s “URAQT” and Can’s “I Want More”), Boojiboy jnr
9. “Feel Like Working,” Lady Saw, Dancehall Sensation 2002 (Paradise MusicWerks)
10. “Hayateh,” Rayees Bek, 'Am Bihkeh Bil Sokout
11. “Pauvre Lola,” April March, Paris in April (Sympathy for the Record Industry / Mordam)
12. “Ragab,” Haifa, Baddi Eesh (EMI Arabia)
13. “Mama Sofii Pt. 2,” Kakai Kilonzo, The Rough Guide to the Music of Kenya (World Music Network)
14. “Gulf Rock Mix,” Mutamassik, Definitive Works (Sound-Ink Records)
15. “L3zero,” Omar Sosa, Mulatos (Otá)
16. “Para El Fin Del Mundo O El Año Nuevo,” Lhasa, The Living Road (Nettwork)
17. “Aranis,” Soap Kills, Cheftak (Soap Kills)
18. “Ouine Ene Bato,” Maurice El Medioni, Pianoriental (Buda Musique)
19. “Tête à tête avec Baghdad,” Gnawa Diffusion, Souk System (D'Jamaz)
20 “O Bolo,” Luciana Souza, Brazilian Duos (Sunnyside Records)
21. “Rasta Lead On Version,” Cedric IM Brooks, The Light Of Saba (Honest Jons Records)
22. “Babylon Burning (Fire, Fire),” Maxie, Niney & Scratch, By the Rivers of Babylon (Shanachie)
23. “Reporting Live,” Boi Kutt, Bukueone, & Chakal, from
24. “Hemp É Festa,” Tony Mola & Bragada, The Rough Guide to the Music of Brazil: Bahia (World Music Network)
25. “Filthy Lucre,” Mutamassik & Morgan Craft, Rough Americana (Circle of Light)

Interzone Radio Playlist, September 6: Labor Day (+1) and Hurricane Katrina Special

1. “Workers' Song,” Dick Gaughan, Handful Of Earth (Green Linnet)
2. “If I Had A Hammer,” Trini Lopez, Folk Hits of the '60s (Shout! Factory)
3. “Buffalo Skinners,” Woody Guthrie, Struggle (Smithsonian Folkways)
4. “The Flood Blues,” Sippie Wallace, Sippie Wallace Vol. 2 (1925-1945) (Document Records)
5. “A Miner's Life,” Solas, The Hour Before Dawn (Shanachie)
6. “Working Girl Blues,” Hazel Dickens and Alice Gerrard, Hazel Dickens and Alice Gerrard (Rounder)
7. “The Internationale,” Billy Bragg, The Internationale (Elektra/Wea)
8. “Brother Can You Spare A Dime?,” Dr. John & Odetta, Strike A Deep Chord: Blues Guitars For The Homeless (Justice Records)
9. “Take This Job and Shove It,” Johnny Paycheck, 20 Greatest Hits (Deluxe)
10. “Hard Working Dub,” Mad Professor, Afrocentric Dub (Black Liberation Dub Chapter 5) (Ariwa)
11. “Chain Gang Boun',” Josh White, Josh White Vol. 4 (1940-1941) (Document Records)
12. “Joe Hill,” Paul Robeson, Alan Booth, Don't Mourn-Organize!: Songs of Labor Songwriter Joe Hill (Smithsonian Folkways)
13. “The Bourgeois Blues,” Leadbelly, The Best Of Leadbelly (Stardust/Cleopatra)
14. “Work Song,” Pham Duc Thanh, Vietnamese Traditional Dan Bau Music (Oliver Sudden Productions)
15. “When The Levee Breaks,” Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie, Roots Of Rock (Shanachie)
16. “A Dollar Down,” Woody Guthrie, Struggle (Smithsonian Folkways)
17. “The Rebel Girl,” Hazel Dickens, Dudley Connell & Tom Adams, Don't Mourn-Organize!: Songs of Labor Songwriter Joe Hill (Smithsonian Folkways)
18. “Trabaja Trabaja,” Peru Negro, Sangre De Un Don (World Connection BVD/IODA)
19. “Harlan Man,” Steve Earle, Just An American Boy - The Audio Documentary (Artemis Records)
20. “Southern Flood Blues,” Big Bill Broonzy, Big Bill Broonzy - All The Classic Sides 1936 -1937 (Disc 5), (JSP)
21. “Dirty Old Town,” Ewan MacColl, Black And White: The Definitive Ewan MacColl Collection (Cooking Vinyl)
22. “Terrible Flood Blues,” Big Bill Broonzy, Big Bill Broonzy - All The Classic Sides 1936 -1937 (Disc 5), (JSP)
23. “Labor Day,” Lord Invader, Calypso in New York (Smithsonian Folkways)
24. “Down In The Flood,” Fairport Convention, Who Knows? (Talking Elephant)
25. “Hard Working People,” Annette Brissett and The Taxi Gang, Annette Brissett and The Taxi Gang (RAS)
26. “Which Side Are You On?,” Almanac Singers, Songs of Protest (Prism Leisure)
27. “Tuvan Internationale,” Huun-Huur-Tu, Sixty Horses In My Herd (Shanachie)
28. “Chain Gang,” Howard Tate, Reaction (Koch Records)
29. “Sixty Percent,” Pete Seeger, American Industrial Ballads (Smithsonian Folkways)
30. “Coal Miner's Blues,” Hazel and Alice, Pioneering Women of Bluegrass (Smithsonian Folkways)
31. “Deportees (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos),” Barbara Dane, Classic Folk Music from Smithsonian Folkways Recordings (Smithsonian Folkways)
32. “Canto Al Bracero,” Piratas Del Norte, Lamento Del Inmigrante (digidigitalpressure)
33. “Do Re Mi,” Woody Guthrie, The Woody Guthrie Story (Chrome Dreams)
34. “Florida Hurricane,”St. Louis Jimmy Oden, St. Louis Jimmy Oden Vol. 2 1944-1955 (Document Records)

Friday, September 02, 2005

Interzone Radio Playlist, August 30, 2005

1. “Levee Breakdown Two-Step,” Al Berard And Errol Verret, C'est Dans Le Sang Cadjan (It's In The Cajun Blood), (Swallow Records/Flat Town)
2. “Chris And Cosey - Mix 08,” Muslimgauze, From The Edge (Azra Records/IODA)
3. “Lam Tang Way (Female Vocal),” Jah Wobble's Invaders Of The Heart, Molam Dub (30 Hertz Records)
4. “Anta Fbali,” Azzdine, Massafat (Barbarity)
5. “Gagan-mandal,” Gayan Uttejak Orchestra, A Brief History (Suns of Arqa)
6. “DJ Faisal On The 1'n'2,” U-Cef, Halalium (Apartment 22)
7. “Ska-Racha,” The Skatalites, Rough Guide To Ska (World Music Network)
8. “Hajri Ma Te Dijke,” Esma Redzepova, Queen Of The Gypsies: Macedonian Songs (World Connection BV/IODA )
9. “MIA vs Amerie - MIA's Thing,” Carrasco! (mashup)
10. “Isotropie,” Smadj, Equilibriste (MELT 2000)
11. “The Right Way,” Prince Far-I & The Arabs, In The Red Zone: The Essential Collection Of Classic Dub (Shanachie)
12. “El Habib Lioualeftou,” Chaba Zahouania, Rai Rai (Buda)
13. “La Tra,” Omar Sosa, Mulatos (Otá)
14. “Angie,” Bert Jansch, Best Of Bert Jansch (Shanachie/The Orchard)
15. “O Jogi Pyar Mein,” Lata Mangeshkar, Lata Mangeshkar Digital Collection 1 (Saregama/The Orchard)
16. “Gözlerin doguyor gecelerime,” Zeki Müren, Gözlerin doguyor gecelerime (Yavuz Asöcal)
17. “Not so distant drums,” Enduser, Bollywood Breaks (Ad noiseam)
18. “Mani Hani,” Khaled, Ya-Rayi (Universal)
19. “Mani oluyor,” Müzeyyen Senar ve Kudsi Erguner Grubu, Müzeyyen Senar ve Kudsi Erguner Grubu 1 (Yapi Kredi)
20. “Sikh Needle,” Muslimgauze, Further East-Westercisms (Disc Two), (Law & Auder Records)
21. “The Price Of Oil,” Billy Bragg, Peace Not War (Shellshock)
22. “The Little Thatched Cabin,” Bohola, Rough Guide to Celtic Music (World Music Network)
23. “Ghazal-morphilia,” Gayan Uttejak Orchestra, A Brief History (Suns of Arqa)
24. “Reposo,” Omar Sosa, Mulatos (Otá)
25. “Fatwords,” Smadj, Take it and Drive (Most Records/The Orchard)
26. “Ah Pay, Ah You (Give And Take),” Kyaw Kyaw Naing, Pat Waing: The Magic Drum Circle of Burma (Shanachie/The Orchard)