Friday, September 16, 2005

Interzone Radio Playlist, September 13

1. “Sensei & Foxy (Epiloga),” Recycler, Iboga (Nation)
2. “Wadih,” Soap Kills, Cheftak (Soap Kills)
3. “Taarif Karun Kya Uski,” Mohammed Rafi, The Rough Guide To Bollywood Legends: Mohammed Rafi (World Music Network)
4. “Match Bettikh,” Gnawa Diffusion, Souk System (D'Jamaz)
5. “Old Joe Clark,” Wu Man, Wu Man And Friends (Traditional Crossroads/IODA)
6. “Ghazal-morphillia,” Gayan Uttejak Orchestra, A Brief History (Suns of Arqa)
7. “The Circle Of The Lustful,” Mediaeval Baebes, The Rose (Nettwork)
8. “u.r.a.can.mp3” (mashup of MIA’s “URAQT” and Can’s “I Want More”), Boojiboy jnr
9. “Feel Like Working,” Lady Saw, Dancehall Sensation 2002 (Paradise MusicWerks)
10. “Hayateh,” Rayees Bek, 'Am Bihkeh Bil Sokout
11. “Pauvre Lola,” April March, Paris in April (Sympathy for the Record Industry / Mordam)
12. “Ragab,” Haifa, Baddi Eesh (EMI Arabia)
13. “Mama Sofii Pt. 2,” Kakai Kilonzo, The Rough Guide to the Music of Kenya (World Music Network)
14. “Gulf Rock Mix,” Mutamassik, Definitive Works (Sound-Ink Records)
15. “L3zero,” Omar Sosa, Mulatos (Otá)
16. “Para El Fin Del Mundo O El Año Nuevo,” Lhasa, The Living Road (Nettwork)
17. “Aranis,” Soap Kills, Cheftak (Soap Kills)
18. “Ouine Ene Bato,” Maurice El Medioni, Pianoriental (Buda Musique)
19. “Tête à tête avec Baghdad,” Gnawa Diffusion, Souk System (D'Jamaz)
20 “O Bolo,” Luciana Souza, Brazilian Duos (Sunnyside Records)
21. “Rasta Lead On Version,” Cedric IM Brooks, The Light Of Saba (Honest Jons Records)
22. “Babylon Burning (Fire, Fire),” Maxie, Niney & Scratch, By the Rivers of Babylon (Shanachie)
23. “Reporting Live,” Boi Kutt, Bukueone, & Chakal, from
24. “Hemp É Festa,” Tony Mola & Bragada, The Rough Guide to the Music of Brazil: Bahia (World Music Network)
25. “Filthy Lucre,” Mutamassik & Morgan Craft, Rough Americana (Circle of Light)


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