Thursday, August 31, 2006

playlist, august 28, 2006

All British Asian (Brasian, Asian Underground, Kool Asian...)

1. "Bark Like A Dog," Fun'Da'Mental, All Is War, Five Uncivilized Tribes
2. "Shaam Aye," TJ Rehmi, Invisible Rain, Shakti
3. "Tribal Warfare," Badmarsh, Differences EP, Ubiquity Records
4. "6 A.M. Jullandar Shere," Cornershop, Woman's Gotta Have It, Warner Bros./Wea
5. "Jungle Symphony," Ananda Shankar w/ The State Of Bengal, Walking On, RealWorld
6. "Flight IC 408," State Of Bengal, Visual Audio, Six Degrees
7. "Ya La Li (The Leopard)," Fun'Da'Mental, All Is War, Five Uncivilized Tribes
8. "Rebel Warrior," Asian Dub Foundation, Facts And Fictions, Beggars UK
9. "My Comfort Remains (Remix)," Black Star Liner, Star Rise, Caroline
10. "Nach Malanga," Bally Sagoo, Rising from the East, Tristar
11. "Mundian To Bach Ke," Labh Janjua & Panjabi MC, The Rough Guide To Bhangra, Tristar
12. "Equal I," Talvin Singh, Anokha: Soundz Of The Asian Underground, Quango
13. "Screbinicia Massacre," Fun'Da'Mental, All Is War Five, Uncivilized Tribes
14. "Mathar," The Dave Pike Set, Untouchable Outcaste Beats Vol. 1, Outcaste (This is the one recording which is actually NOT British Asian. Dave Pike is a US jazz percussionist, who released a very "Orientalist" yet very intriguing Indian-sitar recording, Mathar, in 1969.)
15. "Jawani," Swami, Bhangra Dot Com, Nation
16. "Rani Of Jhansi," Anjali, The World Of Lady A, Wiija Records
17. "Deep Asian Vibes," Joi, We Are Three, RealWorld
18. "Mera Therapy," TJ Rehmi, Global Chilling, Nation
19. "Mehbooba," Swami, Global Warming, Nation
20. "Quiet 2," Sheila Chandra, Quiet, Narada
21. "Change A Gonna Come," Asian Dub Foundation, Frontline 1993-97, Beggars UK
22. "Electro G-Had (Punjab Style)," Fun'Da'Mental, All Is War, Five Uncivilized Tribes
23. "Breathing Light," Nitin Sawhney, Prophesy, V2 Music

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