Tuesday, November 28, 2006

playlist, November 7, 2006

thanks to fat planet, I discovered kudoro from Angola--a rival to favela funk. read about kudoro here.

1. "Johannesburg Blues," Les Baxter, The Colors of Brazil/African Blue, Crescendo
2. "Sal," Se Mal, O Melhor Do Kuduro, Ovação / The Orchard (kudoro)
3. "Zift," Replikas, Avaz, Doublemoon
4. "Enta Fen," Soapkills, single
5. "Ametballe", Bole 2 Harlem, Bole 2 Harlem, Vol #1, Sounds of the Mushroom/The Orchard
6. "Luna Caprese", Peppino di Capri, Registrazioni Originali Anni '60, Azzura Music Sri/The Orchard
7. My Man Clay", Davka, The Golem, Tzadik
8. "Temps Que J'etais Jeune/Gabriella's Jig," The Duhks, The Duhks, Sugar Hill/Welk
9. "Tsi Tsi No 1," Big Voice Jack, The Rough Guide to the Music of South Africa, World Music Network
10. "Yah!," Buraka Som Sistema, From Buraka To The World E.P., Enchufada/The Orchard
11. "Mother Funk," Jackie Mittoo, Wishbone, Light in the Attic/IODA
12. "Quiet Man Is Dead Man," Daktaris, Soul Explosion, Desco Records
13. "Never Cross a Picket Line," Billy Bragg, The Internationale/Live and Dubious (Remastered), Yep Roc Records/Redeye
14. "Hich Kas, Reveal", Hich Kas feat. Reveal, single
15. "Zaïko Wa Wa," Zaïko Langa Langa, Zaïre-Ghana, RetroAfric/IODA
16. "Sun Is Shining (Escort 7")," Bob Marley And The Wailers, The Complete Upsetter Singles 1970-1972 (Disc 1), Cleopatra Records
17. "Ya Selam," Bole 2 Harlem, Bole 2 Harlem Vol #1, Sounds of the Mushroom/The Orchard
18. "Mahani-Zin," Emil Zrihan, The Rough Guide to Latin-Arabia, World Music Network
19. " L'Heros," The Pinker Tones, The Million Colour Revolution, Nacional Records
20. "So Ben Mi Ca Bon Tempo," Richard Thompson, 1000 Years of Popular Music, Cooking Vinyl/Uploaded
21. "Souris-moi," Guéyanka & Sally Nyoko, Studio Cameroon, World Music Network
22. "Ispjenzola (la boutique fantastique remix)," Amsterdam Klezmer Band, Remix at fat planet
23. "Tira Makossa," Noite e Dia, single available at www.radioculturaangolana.com (kudoro)
24. "Ford Mustang (arr. by Mike Patton), Mike Patton, Great Jewish Music: Serge Gainsbourg, Tzadik
25. "spread the sexy word," Zulu vs. Justin Timberlake, DJ C, remix fat planet
26. "Pedar Khandeh," Hich Kas, single
27. "Mi Cola," Desconhecido, single from fat planet (kudoro)

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Cloud13 said...

great playlist, man I haven't heard the pinkertones, yet. Are they with the same Aterciopelados label? Cuz I've been listening to their tracks on myspace.com/aterciopelados. really cool sounds, some afro beats, with cumbia sounds, blended, with good smart lyrics. perfect medicine for the regular radio void. Just as your playlist cured my ears.


Ted Swedenburg said...

thanks! the pinker tones are from barcelona, great band, equally inventive as aterciopelados. the PT album on the playlist is on Nacional, which is the same label as aterciopelados' last release. other pinker tones recordings are on outstanding records. available at emusic!