Sunday, December 23, 2007

playlist, april 3, 2007: Nation Records Special

All artists played on this show are part of the Nation Records stable, currently or in the past. Global chaos!

1. "Taa Deem (Remix)," Asian Dub Foundation, Star Rise, RealWorld
2. "Mehbooba (VP From UP)," Swami, Desi Nu Skool Beatz, Nation
3. "Elektro Punjabi Da-Koo (Wayward Soul Hip Hop Mix)," Charged, Hero, Nation
4. "Strong Culture," Asian Dub Foundation, State Of The Nation, Nation
5. "3.80," Recycler, Iboga, Nation
6. "Shimmer," TransGlobal Underground, Dream Of 100 Nations, Nation
7. "Tacadin," Joi, We Are Three, Nation
8. "Lifelust," Loop Guru, Loopus Interruptus, Nation
9. "Mother India (Spirit of the Tiger Remix)," Fun'Da'Mental, Global Warming, Nation
10. "Manbai," Natacha Atlas, Ayeshteni, Beggars
11. "Intezaar," TJ Rehmi, Mera Therapy, Nation
12. "Let the Hustlers Play," Hustlers H.C., Creative, Innovative, Uncompromising, Nation
13. "Clicksong (Xangbetos Mix)," Xangbetos, Size Of An Elephant E.P., Nation
14. "The Last Gospel feat. Rizwan Muazzam Qawwal (Pressure Drop Electro Mix)," Fun'Da'Mental, Voices of Mass Destruction, Nation
15. "Pao Bhangra," Swami, Bhangra Dot Com, Nation
16. "Nite Klup (Orange And Croissant Party Mix)," Recycler, Iboga, Nation
17. "Protean," Transglobal Underground, International Times, Nation
18. "Change A Gonna Come," Asian Dub Foundation, Frontline 1993-97, Nation
19. "Mistaneek," Natacha Atlas, Gedida, Beggars
20. "Oh Lord! (Devil Would Like A Word)," Fun-Da-Mental, Erotic Terrorism, Nation
21. "Hai Meh Marjahn (NSD Remix)," Swami, Desi Nu Skool Beatz, Nation

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