Sunday, December 23, 2007

playlist, may 29, 2007

1. "Crossing the Valley," Huong Thanh, Rough Guide to the Music of Vietnam, World Music Network
2. "Douga Douga," Gnawa Diffusion, Souk System, D'Jamaz
3. "M6," Momo, The Birth of Dar, Apartment 22
4. "Sonic Moor," U-Cef, Halalium, Apartment 22
5. "Mago Ti Diya Bee Ya," Oumou Sangare, Rough Guide to African Blues, World Music Network
6. "Oica La O Senhor Vinho," Mariza, Fado Em Mim, Times Square Records
7. "Hambre (Moroccan Mix)," Benjamin Escoriza, Alevanta!, Riverboat Records/World Music Network
8. "Ay Bembe," Novalima, Afro, Quango
9. "Homenaje a la Musica Latina," Macolla, Rough Guide to Salsa (Second Edition), World Music Network
10. "Besarabia," 3 Mustaphas 3, Bam! Big Mustaphas Play Stereolocalmusic, Globe Style
11. "Micky Maousse," Serge Gainsbourg, Maouvaises nouvelles des etoiles, Mercury
12. "Melingo," Leonel El Feo, think Global: Tango, World Music Network
13. "Don't Let My Girlfriend Tickle Me," Sim Sisamouth, Cambodian Cassette Archives: Khmer Folk and Pop Music Vol. 1, Sublime Frequencies
14. "Immigrants on Course," Mutamassik, KMT Babomb USA (EP), Womanly Hips Records
15. "Blue Requiem," Blue Asia, Rough Guide to the Music of Vietnam, World Music Network
16. Sharaab," Swami, BhangraDotCom, Nation Records
17. "Barkani," Karmix, Arabesque Zoudge, React Music-Most Records
18. "Alla Wakbarr," Ofo & the Black Company, World Psychedelic Classics 3: Love's A Real Thing, Luaka Bop
19. "Misage," Le Trio Joubran, Randana, Harmonia Mundi
20. "Consequence," Kekele, Rough Guide to Salsa (2nd ed.), World Music Network
21. "All the Same," Malika Zarra, On the Ebony Road, self-produced
22. "Oppress the Oppresser," Fun'Da'Mental, With Intent to Pervert the Cause of Injustice!, Nation
23. "Sabou," Bembeya Jazz, Bembeya, World Village
24. "Neftakhir (Part 1)," Maghrebika w/ Bill Laswell, Neftakhir
25. "Adj Egy Percet," Sarolta Zalatnay (w/ Locomotiv GT), Sarolta Zalatnay, Finders Keepers

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