Tuesday, April 13, 2010

playlist, april 13, 2010

podcast for this week is here

1. "Yuli Was," Djaffar Aït Menguellet, Ann Argu, Créon Music
2. "La Nina Rica," Bomba Estereo, Blow Up, Nacional Records
3. "Radio Rebel," Watcha Clan, Le Bastion, Believe
4. "Cumbia (Of Love) The Remix," Mexican Instititute of Sound, Hola Fest 2, Nacional Records
5. "A Milli Toy Selectah Refix," Lil Wayne, THE MEX-MORE E.P. 1, Toy Selectah (previously available here)
6. "Baghdad Burning (feat. Rayess Bek)," Baghdad Heavy Metal, Baghdad Heavy Metal, Copeland International Arts
7. "Johnny Too Beef," Mos Dub, produced by Alex Tannane, download here
8. "Aina Tantahi," Kamilya Jubran & Werner Hasler, Wameedd, Tun
9. "Troug Touila (feat. Lyes)," Hassan, Raï Fever, Maghrebeen Productions
10. "Mwangolé," Les Princes du Kuduro feat. Milagre & Manu Le Boss, Kuduro é Nosso -- view here on youtube
11. "Dancing Drums," Ananda Shankar, Ananda Shankar and His Music, Fallout
12. "Quand j'étais chez mon père," Malicorne, Almanach, Griffe / IDOL
13. "Exile (feat. Sally Nyolo)," Lord Ekomy Ndong, Urban Africa Club, Out Here Records/Morr Music GBR
14. "Nana apedalaki te ," OK Jazz, Authenticité, African
15. "Tierra Colorada," Chango Spasiuk, Pynandi Los Descalzos, Piranha
16. "The Wrong Thing," The Congos, Heart Of The Congos, Blood and Fire
17. "Cape Thunder," Transglobal Underground, Moonshout, Mule Satellite Records
18. "Nazali Cool," Pablo Lubadika, Okominiokolo, Sterns
19. "Hue Wail," Lloyd Miller, A Lifetime in Oriental Jazz, Jazzman
20. title unknown, Assa'd Khoury with his Oriental Electronic Organ & Band, Electronic Touches Belly Dance, Radiodiffusion Internasionaal -- download here
21. "Pardon," Sezen Aksu, Yürüyorum Düş Bahçelerinde, DOĞAN MÜZİK YAPIM
22. "Heya Di Heya," Abdel Halim Hafez, Al Jawab, Jasmine Music
23. "I Wish," Stochelo Rosenberg, The Rough Guide To Gypsy Music (Second Edition), World Music Network
24. "Polska Fran Polska," Warsaw Village Band, Infinity, Jaro Records

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