Tuesday, July 12, 2011

October 12, 2010 podcast & playlist

podcast: here
1. "Mekane Alah," Chaba Zahouania, La Reine Du Rai, Aladin/World Music Office
"Jagoo," Panjabi By Nature, The Rough Guide To Bhangra (CD1), World Music Network
3. "Bed Athletes (Radio Edit)," Subatomic Sound System feat. Ari-Up, Hello, Hell Is Very Low 7", Subatomic Sound US -- download here
4. "Son of Mr. Bulldog," The Mebusas, Variations in Time: A Jazz Perspective, Public Transit Recordings
5. "Must," DuOud, Ping Kong, World Village France / IODA
6. "Mwangolé," Les Princes du Kuduro feat. Milagre & Manu Le Boss, Dança Kuduro, Alien Prod
7. "Isma'u," Maher al-'Attar, Maher al-'Attar, Sawt al-Qahira
8. "Minister For Ganja," Rapper Robert & Jim Brown, 7" single, Coxsone
9. "Mudan Khan," The Uyghur Musicians From Xinjiang, Music From The Oasis Towns Of Central Asia, Ace Records
10. "Abra-Kadabra," Palsecam [zenial], El Tafkeera: Re-Mixs in Remembrance of Muslimgauze, Disc Two -- download here
11. "Andras Pou Den Ekatehe," Psarantwnis, The Rough Guide To Greek Café (CD1), World Music Network
12. "Azadi (The New Complexity)," DJ Spooky Featuring Sussan Deyhim, The Secret Song, Thirsty Ear Recordings
13. "Intitlayaghen," Tinariwen, Imidiwan: Companions, World Village
14. "Vampires," Thievery Corporation, Radio Retaliation, ESL Music, Inc.
15. "Checkpoint Rock (Album Version)," Manu Chao, Dam, Amal Markus, Checkpoint Rock - Canciones Desde Palestina, Talka Records
16. "Matinda mati," Tabu Ley Rochereau, Les années 70, Syllart Productions/Frochot Music
17. "The Message Is Love (The Heatwave Remix)," Silverlink feat Badness & Jammer, TheHeatwave.co.uk -- download here
18. "Akei Cimetiere," Adikwa Depala, The World Is Shaking - Cubanismo From The Congo, 1954-55, Honest Jons
19. "Kermalak," Smadar, The Rough Guide To Arabic Cafe (CD 1), World Music Network
20. "University," Paula Clarke, Single, Oak Sounds
21. "The War Within (Slow Mix)," Salome download here 22. "Panj Pind," Panjabi MC & Pappi Gill, Desi, Moviebox Birmingham
23. "Brazil, Capital Buenos Aires," Tom Ze, Estudando a Bossa: Nordeste Plaza, Luaka Bop

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